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You already have a best friend in the Old City of Jerusalem. His name is Jacob, a very special young man known to religious Jewish students, Muslim Arab families, Catholic bishops, and foreign tourists alike.

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Old City, Jacob had a dream. A dream of his own place where all could meet for good food and warm conversation. It has been a long road of nearly 10 years, but finally Jacob’s dream came true in 2009 when he opened his pizzeria in the Christian Quarter of the Old City on Latin Patriarchs Road (just inside and to the left from Jaffa Gate). The restaurant that was formerly another in the long line of shwarma shacks is now a beautiful revelation (complete with a stunning mural of Mount Ararat, Turkey and Noah’s Ark), surpassing ‘hole-in-the-wall’ standards with its welcoming design and smiling staff following in the footsteps of their boss, their mentor.

The pizza at Jacob’s is made constantly throughout the day using the freshest of local ingredients and is available to eat in, take out, or for delivery. Regularly available by the slice are a margarita pizza (tomato, basil, mozzarella), cheese pizza, (pork-free) pepperoni pizza, and a veggie mix. Whole pizzas are available and made to order. Special requests for toppings and dietary needs can be accommodated.

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